Associazione LAP

The cultural association Laboratorio Autonomo Potenziale began its activity in Modica in 2000 as an informal group, conducting socio-anthropological observations and artistic interventions for the connection of the south-east of Sicily to the contemporary European artistic and cultural production.
The main field of investigation is the human condition in the contemporary to be returned with the civil investment in the territory, the preservation of places of interest through sustainable development for an ideal island model, aimed at the prosperity of the environment, art, culture and the person. In 2011 the CoCA center of contemporary art and library archive was founded, connected to the international no-profit network, a transit site for artists and transversal projects. In 2016 the LAP is identified by the Municipality of Modica and Demanio Sicilia for the enhancement of the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria del Gesù. The site, opened after more than a century of inaccessibility, quickly became a model of sustainable cultural tourism, welcoming a huge flow of visitors, production of high-profile cultural events and successfully experimenting with art education sessions, Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro modules, conferences, civil and private convivial rituals.