The coca, contemporary art archive, was born in Modica, in south-east of Sicily. The project, by the Laboratorio Autonomo Potenziale no-profit association, is a specialized library with reference to contemporary art and responds to specific research needs from arts and cultural professionals, researchers, artists and students engaged in research relating to this field and circulation of works of human intellect.
C.o.C.A. is a transversal project of ideas and a connector between the new demands of shared knowledge, the immediate availability of the same, and enlargement of vision to all forms of publications on contemporary art.

The library collects paper materials, magnetic and videos from direct acquisition of texts and by donations from private entities, art journals, authors, artists, art galleries, foundations, museums and publishers that will add to the units of L.A.P. The establishment of the project involves the parallel development of a digital archive of materials present and incoming. The archive will be available online and searchable on-line from the site of C.o.C.A. or in the system libraries and archives in the province of Ragusa.

The C.o.C.A. opened to the public October 4, 2009 and accept donations and formulations of acquisitions.